Getting The Gate Open

rural gate openers

There are as many reasons why you might need a gate opener as there are gates to open. If you’re getting on in years, maybe getting up and down to open the gate is an added stress. Perhaps you had an injury, whatever the reason gate openers can be a lifesaver.

Types of Gate Openers

There are different types of gate opener; electric ones, automatic ones, ones you control from your smartphone. All of which have their pros and cons. But for rural gate openers, one option worth looking at is the one you simply drive at.

Use Your Vehicle To Open The Gate

With this type of gate opener, you drive your tractor or truck toward the gate, hit the bumper at a slow speed and keep moving. The gate opens in front of you and will swing closed when you have passed through. It has the advantages of never needing a battery, not being reliant on a cell phone signal or any of the other disadvantages of an opener needing a power source.

Could An Animal Open It?

Sure, an animal could hit the bump plate, but it is the combination of the initial bump and the continued pressure, so unless you’re running Jurassic Park, no, an animal couldn’t open it, because the continued pressure is never going to happen.

No Damage To Your Vehicle

All the bump gate parts which come into contact with your truck or tractor are covered in safe foam. So long as you approach the bump at a reasonable speed and then just continue to apply the same amount of pressure, you will not damage your vehicle.

If you’re fed up of getting in and out of the truck all day a bump gate can take away the hassle.