A Short Story All About Ladders

Let the story start by saying that these are no ‘conventional straight up and down’ ladders. There are, however, conventional dock ladders that remain too close to the dock, so much so that shallow steps remain dangerously too close for comfort to its mounting structure. There is not enough space for those vulnerable stepping toes. But there are boat ladders, dock ladders and yacht ladders that tell a different story. Pontoon Ladders and Swim Platform Ladders tell a similar story in regard to bringing those who need to do a fair amount of nautical mounting, up and down, there you go now, bringing them peace of mind, comfort and safety.

The Pontoon ladders and its relations are off-set in an angled manner. This allows for easier foot placement. Stairs or ladder steps are approximately sixteen inches wide. And the vertical height of these steps is around twelve inches. They are hemmed at the front with a smooth edge being provided to prevent cuts. So, this story reveals that there are no jagged pills to swallow for nautically minded men and women who also need to bear in mind the need to be safe at all times, not just at sea or out on the lake, but also on the dockside, quayside and also on the boat or yacht. These safe to use ladders can be bolted fast for permanent use.

Pontoon Ladders

But the story goes that those talismanic men who provide ladders and steps for old sea salts are thinking very deeply about safety ladders for those who have the most need for them. Here, you only need to think aloud about the disabled and the elderly and little young children on playgrounds and parks. And the story is yours to continue.